My late father’s political activism led to him leaving Southern Rhodesia in the sixties. Years later when Zimbabwe gained independence my parents moved back to Bulawayo in the new Zimbabwe. I was 6 when we left London. Although I have since spent most of my life in England, I consider Zimbabwe as home. I cherish the time that I spent there. That move back afforded me the opportunity to build and nurture valuable friendships and family ties. I returned to London at the age of 19.

Promotion of women’s economic empowerment project/ initiatives

My work with Zubo Trust in Binga, Zimbabwe involves identifying gaps in the market chain to facilitate access to the global market. Their vision is to ensure that women and girls realize, enhance and maximize their social, cultural, economic and political potential as citizens of Zimbabwe. Their livelihood projects including basket weaving, fish farming and soap production to name a few. I am mainly involved in capacity building and linking the organisation with like-minded partners.

I believe that strategic networking is key for development and acknowledge that living in the UK positions me well to capitalise on opportunities that enhance the global north-south relationships. Community upliftment is the right thing to do.  


I enjoy handknitting, thanks to my primary school art and craft classes. Over the years I have perfected my technique and find that the practice is therapeutic. It is my yoga!

I also love cooking, baking, and international travel. In recent years I have developed a deep interest in African Feminist literature. African women in the media and arts have always been instrumental in telling “her narrative”.

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